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  • ""I came into Chiropractic Concepts with terrible pain in my neck, shoulders, and head. The pain was so severe that I could barely move and had to stay motionless in bed. I had feared I would have to change careers due to the amounts of pain I was experiencing. After only one adjustment, my headache went away and after only a few adjustments, I was back to my normal activities. Not only did the pain subside, but I also noticed improvement in my energy levels and digestive system, no more bloating or upset stomach. Chiropractic care will remain a staple in my future healthcare in order to maintain optimal health.""
    Erin W.
  • "I already tell everyone that will listen that Todd has a special gift, a calling. I am becoming more flexible and my posture has improved. I am starting to golf again after not playing or even swinging a club in over four years. All of the staff is excellent. Teresa, Steph, and Rick are very accommodating and they take care of me very well."
    - Jeff J.-
  • "I had problems with my back for several years. I hurt a lot and just thought I always would. My lower back hurt doing everything and it was frustrating. I couldn't sit very long or walk very long. I noticed improvements in the first few weeks for sure. I could move better without pain and my flexibility was improving. The care is amazing and love that they explain and take x-rays before they do anything. I highly recommend this place to everyone. Never felt better! Dr. Boggs is an amazing doctor!"
    - Echo J.-
  • "I was suffering from major migraines. I was having to leave work early and didn’t have enough energy. I came to Chiropractic Concepts and in about 3 weeks I was feeling results. I had lost 10 pounds, I was sleeping better, and had more energy. I would recommend Chiropractic Care because it is very educational and had more benefits then I expected. Everyone was very friendly! Dr. Blackstone made an effort to get to know me and the front desk always says, “Hi” and helped with scheduling"
    –Kinsey K.-
  • "My hip was sore and it would pop when I would walk. Walking was not enjoyable and going up and down the stairs made my hip sore. After about one to two weeks of receiving Chiropractic Care I noticed an improvement. My posture is better; I can tell I am standing taller and not bent over. Dr. Boggs really cares about the health of his patients and the people here are very friendly."
    -Karen K.-
  • "I came because the chiropractor I saw in Lincoln referred me to Dr. Blackstone. I was having issues with my neck. My brother and sister-in-law came to this office to see Dr. Boggs and had wonderful things to say. I had constant pain and headaches. I also had to be careful how to raise my arms as pain would shoot down both arms almost paralyzing me. I have not had an episode since the third treatment. I feel so much better. It has helped me with my outlook on my life ahead. I want to have an active pain free life, not just sit and waste away. I look forward to each new day rather than fear it. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic Concepts everyone is so kind, gentle and caring. They stay on schedule and they truly did help me. I like the way they adjust you, it is not just twist and crack! The ladies up front were so positive that I would feel better the first day I came in which encouraged me. I almost fear not coming in as I feel so much better."
    -Judy S.-


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